Teach Baby Sign Language and Teach Him to Communicate Before Speech Develops

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Research has shown that babies are able to understand so much more than what we used to believe was possible. A baby can understand his world and the environment around him way before he is able to articulate that understanding in words. That is why many people have chosen to teach baby sign language to their baby as a means of communicating with their child before speech actually develops.

Teaching your baby to sign is an easy process. There are many different dvd programs that a parent can purchase to help them with the process. In addition, a parent needs to practice the signs with her baby to ensure that the baby is making the connections between signs and objects or actions.

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There are many advantages in the decision to teach baby sign language to your baby. First of all, you can reduce frustration of your baby by giving her the opportunity to communicate her needs to you in a way that you will understand. Many times infants will cry and fuss to no avail while mommy or daddy tries to figure out what is wrong. Wouldn’t it be great to know what your child needs without having to guess? For example, if your child is feeling pain, wouldn’t you like to know where? Or maybe, you child wants a cracker to eat, wouldn’t it be nice for him or her to have a sign to communicate her hunger?

Another good reason to teach baby sign language is to that signing and spoken language can reinforce each other. Some parents may feel that teaching their baby sign language will interfere with him developing the spoken words. However, studies have shown that babies who learn signing at an early age actually have a higher IQ than those who do not.

A final reason why the decision to teach baby sign language is a good one is because it will foster a sense of focus in the child. A child will have to concentrate as well as remember the signs for specific actions or objects. Therefore, he or she is learning and focusing at the same time. This is great, because it is never to early for a child to start learning.

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